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This is unfair. I should be able to show random pieces, not just the newest. Is this for Premium accounts or no-one at all?

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Haven’t I always been
this cold and this keen?
My life’s about plotting
stuff to bring fame and dough
World media, here I go!

Guess everyone deserves
Only I have the nerve
to steal from the rich
and forget about the poor
Still people seem to enjoy

I’ve been arrested before
Why are my offenses minor?!
Cops call them petty crimes
but I’m a mastermind
I’ve been arrested before

I would like you to know
to violence I say no
My dolce vita’s awesome ’nough
to get me what I want
without shedding blood

I’ve been arrested before
Always avoiding the gore
Hurts my ego every time
I am not recognized
I’ve been arrested before!


I’ve been arrested before
We’re not in Kansas anymore
Lost my count how many times
behind different bars
I’ve been so arrested before

I’ve been arrested before
I’ve been arrested before
No way I’ll trade
adventure for boredom!
I wanna be caught much more

I've been arrested before
This main character is a thief. A lovely one. Kinda kind-hearted, kinda gentle, he somehow manages, perhaps accidentally, to be lovely.

The fact is he just wanna have fun (just like girls), and get rich as fast as possible, without hurting anyone. Oh, and fame is good too. :)

This time the verse and the chorus are the same size! Hahahahahaha! I'll confuse ya, bitches! (But the melody actually changes depending whether it's verse or chorus. I'm not Tay Zonday.)

Here is the melody draft for this one, and here is what a melody draft is. The synthesizer (the one that starts at 0:19) corresponds to the voice.


Lucas Souza
Artist | Literature
Luke is a bright fellow who wants to attain the ultimate happiness by writing. He will eventually get there with effort and creativity. He abhors people who talk about themselves in the third person.

If you are a musician (especially singer) and enjoy my lyrics, talk to me ( or l-caps on Skype*) so we can make the songs happen. The same principle applies to short movies for the short stories.

*Where the eff are we supposed to put our contact info, huh, dA? That section is long gone.

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